Your HostsWe’re Jenny and Jesse, your hosts to the RVHobo Network.

We are semi-retired and have recently become full-time RVers camping with our two Great Danes, Abbie and Ellie. Jesse is a computer scientist and Jenny is a mechanical engineer. We both love camping and outdoor living. Our many past camping experiences include crossing the U.S. four times and taking our camper and solar trailer from San Felipe, Baja, Mexico to Inukik, the northernmost city of the N.W. Territories in Canada, and back.

We are currently documenting our experiences on restoring a classic motor home. It is being upgraded with a state-of-the-art solar system enabling us to run a low-power network and maintain our websites from anywhere.

We have lived in Baja, off-grid with nothing, no electricity, not even water. In that environment, we designed and installed a solar system which provided enough electricity to run a house, five person air conditioned office, two phone lines, fax, high-speed Internet and water treatment system (in the desert). While in Baja, we built a 3000 foot addition for our office and a workshop.

We also lived on a family farm located on a “pond” in Cape Cod Massachusetts. There, we took the run-down (it was going to be demolished) farmhouse that was built in the late 1600s and completely renovated it while maintaining the historic exterior.

With 37+ years as a senior computer scientist writing the basic components of programming and the Internet, and a wife and partner who is a former JPL Deep Space Network Engineer, we have a pretty good idea of what makes things work and what it takes to design, install and maintain them. We decided to show our ages in producing websites based on quality, value and service. We are old enough to remember when a business was built on simple principles: honesty and ethics, providing a quality product and keeping our clients happy, so they will keep coming back.

Please let us know if we don’t live up to those old-school values.