There are three campgrounds that offer free camping right on the Mokelumne River at an elevation of about 3200′:

  1. Mokelumne Campground: Mokelumne Campground this is the first campground encountered on the way to the Salt Springs Reservoir. It has 16 camp sites and two pit toilets available. Only Mokelumne has RV parking (8 sites). Reservations
  2. Moore Creek Campground: Moore Creek Campground about a half mile from Mokelumne Campground going toward Salt Springs Reservoir. Cross the Mokelumne River to reach the campground which is actually in Stanislaus National Forest but maintained by the Amador Ranger District. It has 14 campsites spread along the river as well as two pit toilets. Reservations
  3. White Azalea Campground: White Azalea Campgroundthe last campground on the way to Salt Springs Reservoir. It has 6 campsites available and one pit toilet. Reservations

There are also numerous dispersed camping sites, some on the river, and most available from the road. Dispersed camping sites start just after the Mokelumne campground and are located all along the way to the Salt Springs Reservoir, about five miles away.

All three campgrounds and the dispersed camping sites have full on-line communities and are visitor-based which means you can share your opinions, documents, photos and videos, and that just scratches the surface of an RV Hobo Community! Check it out!