Currently, registration and reservations are not accepted at the Mokelumne River Recreation Area Campgrounds.  There are many reasons for visitors to want campgrounds that accept registration and reservations. For example, to not find out after having driven for hours that there are no campsites available. Also, in remote camping sites, like the Mokelumne River Recreation Area, where there is no cell no phone service, and emergency responses can take over an hour to arrive, registration can be a significant deterrent to predatory practices. We would appreciate your opinion on this. Please visit the Registration, Reservations & Security voting poll and let us know what you think.

We would also value your comments after actually trying out our Registration & Reservations Website. With just a few clicks you can register and reserve your favorite campsite. All registrations will be verified by your license plate number which is linked to the campsite you selected. We hope this will keep scalpers from snatching up the campsites, as well as deter those that may be here for reasons other than family fun, letting them  know, we have their number.

We would like your opinion as to the future of the Mokelumne River Recreation Area. Please take a few minutes to cast your vote at Your Opinion Matters.

Thanks for stopping by and know that we’re listening.

The RV Hobo Network Team