Camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, paning for gold, and thats just the beginning! There are three campgrounds, a day use area, miles of trails, “Ltl Half Dome” for you rock climbers and the Salt Springs Dam, created in the 1920s opend in 1931, which not only powers four, thats right four power stations, and keeps the water flowing even during droughts, but created the fabulas Salt SPrings Lake, a favorite for kayars and fisherman alike.

What most visitors don’t know is that Government and Capitalists were both responcible for this jewel of the Seara Nevadas. One of the very first enviromental acts of the government was to stop strip mining for gold. In its place came the production of electricity from water power, changing the face of our country and both the Eldorado and Stanislas forests favorite places along the Mokelumne River. Ther is much more to this story here.

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